How to install Margel 580

Once it has been decided that a concrete structure needs treating with Margel, the repair process is undertaken;

Estimating quantity; Margel is normally used at a rate of 2-3 Margel 580 capsules per square metre of concrete based on surface area with a nominal depth of upto 400mm. Therefore to treat a wall of dimensions 20m (W) x 2.5m (H) x 0.4m (D) would require at least 100 capsules to treat the 50 square metres.

Marking out/Drilling pattern; For a straight flat surface we advise 1 metre horizontal spacing with a second row 0.5 metres below staggered by 0.5 metres.

                  Holes are drilled into the concrete structure to a minimum depth of 55mm using a 20mm drill bit

                                                   QED’s VPI cartridge is inserted into 20mm holes

                            Below an installation engineer is pre-drilling the holes to a calculated pattern

                                       Holes drilled showing drilling pattern, 1m spacing by 0.5m staggered (picture below)    

 Filling hole with repair mortar, following insertion of the Margel cartridge and Wadding (25mm diameter closed-cell backing rod is recommended at approx 10mm thickness)

Drilling pattern - guidance

Margel Drilling Pattern

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